One of the services we offer is for companies trying to establish or rebuild an internal image library. This includes working with and educating employees regarding proper photo use, including embedding project information into metadata. We also bring focus on Intellectual Property contract issues, along with exploring the variety of image licensing models, usage restrictions and tracking methods for companies that hire photographers, or use stock photography. When an employee finds an image "someplace on the internet", most companies have no idea that a single little oversight could wind up costing them thousands of dollars or more in legal & licensing fees.

We've had the priviledge of working with some of the top-tier names in the outdoor, publishing, advertising, and photo industries. We've had the unique experience to be able to have experienced the industry from both sides of the fence, but also in the image acquisition, research, and editing side. we've also paid close attention to how the industry has changed drastically over the last number of years, and what many photographers’ and companies are doing to meet the challenges of a shifting landscape. Afro Technology & Logistics is a great definition of professionalism. We readily shares knowledge with other photographers and also take a great interest in others as well.


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