Afro technology and Logistics GPS vehicle tracking services helps large organizations; small business and individuals managed and optimize vehicle fleet including cars, vans, buses tricycles and control over your fleet.

Vehicle Tracking Solution will help your organization to manage and optimize use of vehicle fleet including cars, vans, buses and trucks, etc. It allows to track the fleet and monitor its usage in real- time from anywhere in the world through the Internet. The tracking system is a combination of both GPS and GSM based. Using our web application interface, you can securely monitor and visualize the exact location of our vehicle on our high quality maps. The status table shows operational status of all your vehicles together with speed, location and distance travelled. You can use reporting functionality to generate asset usage, speed, moving, idling, parking distance and fuel graph reports. You can also check your vehicle location and status by SMS, We chat app, phone app or by calling our control center. Immobilization is also possible.