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Features of our
GPS Services

GPS Tracking & Monitoring

Afro Technology and Logistics helps you monitor your fleet in a easy and efficient manner.


GPS systems helps in tracking vehicle fuel consumption to reduce fuel expenses.

Real time

AT&L’S GPS Vehicle tracking devices makes it absolutely easy to monitor and track fleet of vehicles anywhere in the world and at any time.

Geo-fencing &

Our GeoFencing feature helps in determining geographic areas and boundaries for y

Driving Behavior

We help you track negative driving behaviors and other violations which will allow you to take action before an irreversible situation occurs.


We give you different types of alarms (i.e. overspeed alarms, crash accident, fuel theft, finromation service help, power tamper, emergency help, engine idle etc.) that you can configure to your needs.

Mobile integrated

With Afro Technology and Logistics GPS device, you can also opt to track your fleet via your smartphones or tablets.

Fleet Management

Thanks to our 24-hour control room that monitors vehicles that have our GPS tracking devices installed, we will be able to provide accurate reports on the activities of your fleet

Driver Identification

We apply driver ID to know who’s driving the vehicle now and when a new shift has started. Relax and enjoy our customized metrics to protect your vehicle against unauthorized use.


It allows to track the fleet and monitor its usage in real- time from anywhere in the world through the Internet. The tracking system is a combination of both GPS and GSM based. Using our web application interface, you can securely monitor and visualize the exact location of our vehicle on our high quality maps.

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